Christmas Album, page 2 • Christmas Album • December 1987

bizarre shot of Duncan recording overdubs on the Christmas Album- what cool sounds can you make with a meat cleaver ?

CJ catches on fire in the Kitchen

Siege: " Jonathan and I were living in the little house on Capitol Hill. In December of 1987 we'd just begun to acquire motorcycle road racing videos... but we had no way to watch them so the two of us went on his motorcycle to buy a VCR ...!

•••• When we came home I was so cold- we'd gone on Jonathan's 400 four, and I was freezing. It was December. Even though I was wearing two TShirts, with my black BSA sweatshirt bewteen them I put on the kettle, and leaned against the stove- (we had an old gas stove in our house, and it had a heater built into it- you just turn on a separate knob controlling that- and some giant heat came from a metal vent out the side of the stove) I was leaning against the side of the stove where the vent was, (it was against the back of my jeans)

•••• Jonathan was washing something in the sink, with his back to me, and he put his hand to his ear, indicating the kettle was beginning to whistle- I couldn't hear it because I was listening on headphones to mixdowns of the Christmas Album- and as I turned around to turn off the burner, I saw that the flame, normally blue- was yellow, and as I turned, the flame followed behind me- I was on fire!

•••• I smacked Jonathan's back, and in one motion I pulled off the shirts, and in an arc Jonathan sloshed a pot of water from the sink, and one second later we were standing there, me with no shirt on, and a steaming and smoking pile of cotton on the floor between us.... we looked at each other and he said are you OK?...."

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